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Journal Entry - February 28, 2016 ~ There are moments in life when a reconnection with one's soul becomes a necessity. When the challenges of life become overwhelming, there arises an innate desire to escape, to seek out a place where the burdens feel a bit lighter. Such was my contemplation when I impulsively booked a brief retreat to the enchanting Pacific Northwest. What awaited me, however, was a profound realization that life's journey isn't always an easy stroll; sometimes, you must navigate through challenges to unveil the true rewards.

My decision to embark on a short trip led me to a mesmerizing waterfall in the heart of the Eagle Creek Canyon. Despite my weariness, I resolved to undertake the "moderate" climb, which turned out to be anything but for me. Laden with 25 lbs of gear and clearly out of shape from winter, I tackled the seemingly "short" 2-mile hike that ascended 500 feet on a narrow, rocky path carved into the canyon wall. The trail was so narrow in places that cable lines were embedded into the walls for stability.

The journey, though arduous, presented me with breathtaking views of the rainforest that proved to be beyond spectacular. Despite the moments I contemplated turning back, I persevered through to the summit, where I was rewarded with a panoramic view that took my breath away. Beyond capturing images of this natural wonder, I discovered a newfound strength within myself. The experience reinforced the notion that achieving something meaningful often requires a bit of sweat and determination. And, as a comforting reminder, the descent turned out to be significantly easier.

So, I am reminded to work hard for the things that truly matter, to endure challenges, and to find solace in the realization that strength often lies within the struggle. Peace.

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