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Meet The Photographer

Karen Hunnicutt

The Things That I have Seen

The things that I have seen, captured through the lens of my camera, form a mosaic of memories that weave through the fabric of my life. Each photograph is a testament to the unique blessings that have graced my journey. From the majestic peaks that have touched the sky to the tranquil valleys that cradled serenity, I have been fortunate to witness the diverse tapestry of the world.

In the pursuit of photography, I've not only captured the external landscapes but also the intangible moments that have made my life rich with experiences. The laughter of strangers in a bustling market, the hushed whispers of ancient ruins, and the silent contemplation beside a mountain lake – these are the things that have filled my heart with gratitude. Life, for me, is a series of snapshots, frozen frames that encapsulate the essence of being present in the grand theater of existence.

As I ponder the landscapes I've traversed, I am filled with gratitude for the rich tapestry of ecosystems, the vibrant array of flora and fauna, and the varied terrain that has unfolded before my eyes. Every destination emerges as a sanctuary, imparting lessons of harmony, interconnectedness, and the delicate balance of nature. The photographs, like visual bookmarks in the chapters of my life, serve as reminders of the profound impact these places have had on my perspective and soul. 

My gratitude extends not only to the tangible treasures I've witnessed but also to the intangible blessings of personal growth and self-discovery. The journey of photography has not just been about capturing external beauty but also about uncovering the beauty within – resilience in the face of challenges, creativity in the pursuit of art, and gratitude for the privilege of experiencing the world through my own unique lens.

As I look ahead to the places I am yet to explore and the stories I am yet to tell through my photographs, I am filled with a sense of anticipation and wonder. The camera, my faithful companion, has been a witness to the extraordinary chapters of my life, and with each click, I acknowledge the multitude of blessings that continue to shape my journey. Life, viewed through the prism of gratitude, is a series of moments to be cherished, captured, and celebrated, and I am deeply thankful for the things that I have seen. 


Field Images

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