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Sometimes you need to reconnect with your soul. When life seems a bit overwheliming, you feel the need to escape a bit, find a place where things will just be a little easier. My exact thought process when I booked a short trip to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. What I found was. life isn't always going to be easy, you have to work though the challenges to find the real reward. Finding this w...aterfall...proof. I was exhausted, but decided to hike the "moderate" climb through the Eagle Creek Canyon. For me, this was anything but moderate. 25 lbs of gear, obviously out of shape from winter and did I mention exhausted? I took off on the "short" 2 mile hike...straight up 500 feet, on a 3 foot wide, rocky path carved into the wall canyon. There are places the path was so narrow, there are cable lines built into the walls for stabilty. Wanting to turnback several times, I kept pushing myself though this amazing rainforestt with views that were beyond spectacular to the summit and this breathtaking view! Beside capturing images of this beautiful scene, I came away with the fact that I am stronger than I think, and if you truly want to achieve something, a little sweat is required. By the way...the hike down was soooo much easier! Work hard to make it count. Peace.

Metlako Falls, Oregon

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