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You Are Brave

Journal entry September 22, 2021

You Are Brave.

I have wrapped up my 1st of 12 days camping across North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado, in the spectacular Theodore Roosevelt National Park. It is a beautiful evening, there is a light breeze rustling through the golden color leaves and today I captured a lifetime shot of this park’s beautiful wild horses. With a long drive today and another tomorrow I have decided to call it a day and settle into my campsite along the Cottonwood River.

Three words that have been running through my head these past few days – you are brave. I am not using these words in the context that traveling and camping alone is anything extraordinary. I am amazed at how many women embark on these solo journeys. Though, some think that what I do is brave, I think of it more as a necessity. I need these times to connect with nature and most importantly, connect with my soul.

These three words came from my mother. In a conversation this past week, my mom was asked if when she gave birth to my brother and I - had all she had hoped for us in life come to fruition? Her answer was this. “I am incredibly proud of both of you. I see your biggest accomplishments as, you have always kept moving forward – one foot in front of the other. You saw things that needed to be done and you just did them, no matter how difficult the circumstances may have been, you just persevered. You are brave.

Those are words I will carry with me the rest of my days.

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