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Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm ~ Winston Churchill When I started discovering my love for this craft, I had seen an image of the Minneapolis skyline at night. I sooo wanted to be able to take a picture like that one. Knowing absolutely nothing about night photography, heck I did know much about photography in general, I knew I had to try. So one cold evening in February of 2008 I headed to the city and looked for a place to give this a try. I remember standing on the train trestle off Nicollet Island seeing this beautiful scene. I set up my tripod, attached my camera and tried every possible setting. After a couple of hours, my toes and fingers numb from the brisk weather and 50 or 60 images I came home and put the card into computer and looked though each image. 1, one, numero uno, image turned out! I studied those settings and ingrained

them into my memory and went out the next night and on February 9th 2008 and captured this. I was so incredibly happy, and it was at that point I was hooked on night photography! The one absolute thing I walked away with that evening that has stuck with me, even to this day is that life is about courage, ambition and confidence and in spite of all the obstacles, discouragement and impossibilities that cross your path, persistence is the key to achieving success.

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