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Flowers In The Snow

Flowers in the Snow “Because grief is not a place to stay, it’s a doorway to pass through.” ― Danielle Stewart, Flowers in the Snow Sometimes my "moments" come during the creating process. Inspired by a song I heard or a book I read to something as simple as a thought that passed briefly. This morning, I sat down and was was perusing some images from my trip to North Carolina, West Virginia and South Carolina in 2014. I ran across this image that was taken at the Magnolia Plantation and there was just too much green, so I got rid of it and was instantly reminded of a book I read a couple of years ago called Flowers in The Snow. It was a captivating book about racial bigotry in the 60's, but it was filled with so many great quotes that while I was playing with this image it grew to this..and I kinda like it!

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