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A Way Of Life

Home with so many wonderful memories and images reflecting the coast of Maine. One destination I had in mind on my journey was to experience the small fishing villages hidden among the many coves along the atlantic.

For Mainers, lobster communites are a way of life. Seeing the preparation for the upcoming season was quite evident with stacks of lobster traps, ropes and buoys everywhere,, I was certainly eager to learn more of their livelyhood as I drove the winding roads thr...ough these peninsulas

I stopped and talked with Daniel a local who shared many fun facts, but a couple really stood out. He described this industry as "the wild west on water". Theft is very prevelant with people poaching fisherman's pots (traps). "We all carry guns and will use them without hesitation!" Another was that trappers are not allowed to lift any pots from the water from 4pm on Saturdays to 30 minutes before sunrise on Monday mornings. This law is in effect from June to September. Daniel's take on this was "I guess were supposed to see our wives and thank God for our bounty, by the way, we are thankful".

~Dick's Lobster, Harpswell, Maine

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