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Soul Cleansing

Soul cleansing, soul inspiring ~ The north shore of Minnesota seems to have that effect on me and I spent the last 2 days doing just that, cleansing my soul and finding a spark of inspiration that seemed to be missing lately. With temps below zero the shore is even better for the soul.

I was up at 4 am on Saturday and drove from Minneapolis to the border of Canada. stopping to capture the beauty along the way. With the likes of Steely Dan, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Jackson... Browne and many more of the best singer-song writers from the 70's to keep me company, I found myself completely lost in the journey and that my friends is a wonderful feeling!

I stayed last night at the Hungry Hippie Hostel and was greeted by amazing hosts, made new friends and with no cell services, I was more relaxed and slept better than I have in weeks.

This morning, with the temperature at -14 degrees, I headed to the shore and was awestruck with what waited for me as the new day started to peek over the horizon. I very much needed this short trip and am tired in such a good way. I will be catching up tomorrow, until then...peace.


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